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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The End of World as We Know It: The Coming Christian Persecution.

It seems every week, more and more gutless politicians and talking heads, formerly sympathetic to the pro-marriage cause, have traded on those of us fighting to keep marriage a man-woman union, in favor of political expediency.
This trend, while sad, is not surprising.

It must be understood that opposing gay "marriage" is no longer considered a noble fight or even a reasonable one. 

If you choose to lobby for natural marriage, you will be harangued as a bigoted bully, a hateful homphobe, and a whole host of other titles that good manners prevent me from typing out!

Various homosexual and liberal activists  groups have already seen to the decimation of private citizens who have dared to exercise their religious freedom by refusing to "play pretend" by recognizing gay "marriage" as legitimate.

Christians, even Evangelicals, have withered under pressure from friends and popular culture, deciding that while this may have been their grandparent's fight, it's not theirs.

They misguidedly think that if they leave the gay marriage issue alone, they will have a better chance at reaching homosexuals for Christ.

Of course, this idea would only appeal to those who have not followed the broader debate on the ethicalness of homosexual behavior.

I doesn't matter if you are on a gay pride parade float, waving a flag for marriage redefinition; if you hold to the biblical (yes, I said the "b" word) notion that homosexual behavior is an abrogation of God's creative purpose for sexual relationships, you will upset, even turn off, those very people whom you are compromising to appease.

I think Joe Dallas (a recovering homosexual and Christian activist) summed it up well:

No one can deny the country is shifting towards solid, widespread approval of a redefinition of marriage to include same sex unions....Simultaneously, those resisting this redefinition are, more and more, seen as bigots who resist equality, similar to the racists of the 60’s who resisted civil rights. That is the direction we’re taking...

We must wake up and realize that the campaign for gay marriage and homosexual normalization is being heralded as the "new civil right movement" with graphics like the above being circulated on Facebook and other websites.

How, I ask you, did we treat those who fought against racial equality in the 50s and 60s and who ultimately lost?

Did we shake hands and say, "well, you fought hard and lost. Now, we'll live alongside each other in peace, in the hopes that you adopt our point of view"?

As if.

What we did was pass all kinds of laws to eradicate racial inequality in the public square.

We treated the KKK and racist people as social pariahs who only needed to be silenced, not reasoned with and certainly not tolerated.

We're already seeing Christian organizations and individuals blacklisted for their support of other Christian organizations deemed hate groups for their support of pro-marriage legislation.

The actions taken against segregationists during the Civil Rights era were good and necessary, and, since this is the frame of reference for "gay rights" debate,  you're only fooling yourself if you don't think the same kinds of actions will be taken against Christians who support monogamous heterosexual marriage over and against any other kind of marriage.

How I read the Bible, with respect to the end times, is that Christians will be persecuted in very large numbers.

This is already happening all over the world.

And while record numbers of people are coming to God every day all across the globe (not at all surprising given the power of the gospel), we are seeing the political and social powers of the world --secularists in Europe, liberals in America, Islamists in the Middle East, etc--doing everything they can to silence Christians and hinder the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Not to spoil the ending, but Jesus will be victorious.

This fact, however, is not an excuse to be slothful, unaware, OR cowardly, because it's only going to get nastier as the time of Christ' return draws near.

So, for the sake of the gospel and those desperately in need of it, don't give up!

Don't give in!

Hold God's standards high!

It's all we have in a world that is sprinting to hell.

We can almost see the finish line, so,  by the grace and power of God, stay strong!

And remember that when they come after you and your family and all that you hold dear, you may count yourself blessed to suffer for the sake of the One who suffered and died for us.

Merry Christmas!


  1. It was the and still is the christian right wing that gave us slavery as per the bible and followed it with segregation for another 100 years

    They are so utterly proud of their hatred they cant even see what they are.

    In some ways just as out of touch as the Westboro baptist church / Fred Phelps gand

    Pathological liars.

    1. The depth of your historical knowledge speaks to the profundity, if any, of your comment. Be blessed this Christmas, John.

  2. I am pretty sure you are gay. You are obsessed with gay people! Your blog is a testament of hate... for yourself. Be honest with your self and come out of the closet already.

    1. When the threat that is posed by the rapid normalization of homosexual behavior subsides, then I will happily stop addressing it. Something isn't hateful simply because you disagree with it. If you were not so emotionally wrapped up in your views, you might be able to read my blog without the personal attacks.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by!