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Monday, October 31, 2016

Flee Sexual Immorality: A Response to Hatmaker and Wolterstorff

As I read Jennifer Hatmaker's interview with Jonathan Merritt in which she affirmed same-sex relationships from a civil perspective, my first impulse was to find some justification.

I know more than one Christian who believes same-sex sex is sinful but does not believe it is the government's job to affirm that position. 

Jennifer Hatmaker
We're good so far.

And then she said the Church should offer marriage support to same-sex couples...that couples in such relationships are our brothers-in-Christ...and that such relationships can be holy. 

What is more, joining this prominent evangelical author and speaker is prominent Reformed Christian philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff who recently stated in a speech...

“Once one says that a homosexual orientation is no more culpable or disordered than a heterosexual orientation, and once one observes that Scripture does not teach that God says that homosexual activity is always wrong, I think we’ve left to conclude that justice requires that the church offer the great good of marriage both to heterosexual couples committed to a loving, covenantal relationship, and to homosexual couples so committed.”

Hatmaker and Wolterstorff occupy completely different worlds, but are well-known each in her/his own sphere and wield considerable clout.

I have read Hatmaker's books and listened to many Wolterstorff lectures and find myself grieved at what I can only describe as their apostasy from the faith.

Nicholas Wolterstorff
The reality is that Christ's Church has always believed what Jesus and the Apostles taught about marriage being a special union of man and woman, and the sinfulness of homosexual behavior. 

Scripture is further clear that those who teach and lead other into sexual sin through false doctrine are no part of the flock of God (2 Peter 2:4-10Jude 1:4; Rev. 2:20-23), but are wolves among the sheep--hidden except for their aberrant teachings. 

There is no middle ground.

If homosexual behavior keeps a person from the kingdom of God, which Scripture testifies it does (1 Corinthians 6:9-11), those who teach God approves such behavior have no part in His Kingdom.

The horror of it all is not just watching professing Christians walk the broad road to destruction, but seeing them drag unbelieving folks who identify as LGBTQ along with them in their confusion.

It is the opposite of what Paul told Timothy, that is, to watch his life and doctrine closely, that he might save himself and his hearers (1 Tim 4:16).

Furthermore, it leaves the many invisible Christians with same-sex attraction serving in evangelical churches around the country out to dry.

It says our fight to process our attractions in light of our biblical faith in Christ is an ultimately unnecessary venture, as the Bible affirms same-sex relationships.

I say our, because I am one of those Christians.

In my tender pre-teen years, I realized I had same-sex attraction and that my life would be very different as a result.

On my bed one evening, I thought very clearly about my options: I could embrace my same-sex attraction as a gift from God or I could follow Christ in the fullness of his life and teachings.

I knew there was no middle ground.

I also knew there was no choice.

There is no man on planet earth who could compare to Jesus Christ, who could take me away from his wise and beautiful counsel, or who could steer me from the ineffable love I have for God. 

I praise God that millions upon millions of Christians in this country and around the world hold firmly to the truth about marriage and sexuality in light of Scriptural precepts.

And among their numbers are many same-sex attracted saints of God who have resisted the lies of the world and have fixed their eyes on Christ, refusing to make worldly philosophies the plum-line for their fight for a holy life.

They may not make the headlines, but they are there, in every church, in every community, and in every country.

They do not hate, but speak the truth in love.

After all, that is what Jesus did.


  1. Thank you for writing this, Eric. Each one of us who claims the fair name of Christ comes to that place (more than once; usally more than once a day on some level or another) where they must declare for Jesus - or not. It saddens me how many Christians spend their lives mistakenly thinking they're not choosing one or the other.

    I am inspired by you brother.

  2. Ahh thank you!! Truth in love! I'm so worn out by people who have "evolved" their biblical beliefs being called courageous while those who speak truth likened to hateful bullies.